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New Ripper Point From 360 Yield Center Spans 14 Inches

Gregg Sauder doesn’t like the look of deep, tilled divots and the untouched mounds surrounding them after a ripper drives through a field. “The roots are going to go around that untouched nutrient mound that the ripper left there,” he explains. So, he and a team at 360 Yield Center got to work on finding a solution.

Using a 3-D printer and creating new designs nearly every day, the engineers created a ripper that minimized 6-inch mounds to only 1.5 inches in height. Instead of spanning a width of 7 inches like typical rippers, this new tillage tool, the 360 BULLET Ripper Point, is 14 inches wide. 

“It basically shatters all the way across,” says Jim Hedges, director of sales at 360 Yield Center. “There’s no smear zone.” By eliminating large mounds throughout the field, the 360 BULLET Ripper Point allows plants the room they need to grow a denser root system and potentially get better nutrient intake.

Farmers using it will notice they aren’t losing efficiency as the 360 BULLET Ripper Point uses about the same amount of fuel and horsepower as a standard ripper. In the company’s .5-acre time trials, the new rippers only took 1% more time than a tractor equipped with standard rippers. 

“It’s going to pull a touch higher, but you shouldn’t have to buy a brand-new tractor,” Sauder says of the company’s new product. 

This new style of ripper point is compatible with Case IH 870, 875, 530, and 730 models and John Deere 512, 2700, and 2730 models. Future versions of this product will be available for Landoll and the Krause/Kuhn Dominator ripper models. The 360 BULLET Ripper Points can be purchased now for $130 per point. 

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