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Salford Group Acquires Valmar Airflo

Salford Group, a manufacturer of tillage, seeding, and fertilizer application equipment, will now offer a wider range of equipment through its acquisition of Valmar Airflo, Inc., which manufactures seeding and granular application equipment.

“This merger will allow us to offer a complete line of competitively priced seeding and granular-application equipment to the grower and service provider,” says Geof Gray, CEO of Salford Group.

Salford’s expanded product line will now include primary, secondary, and vertical tillage tools; air seeders; commodity carts; cover crop seeders; spinner-type fertilizer spreaders; air-boom applicators and granular applicators for fertilizers; insecticide; seed; seed inoculant; and forage preservatives.

Valmar has a long history of combining its Airflo metering technology with other OEM tillage, seeding, planting, and application equipment. Recently farmers have used Salford and Valmar equipment together to seed cover crops.

In 2007, Indiana farmer Dan DeSutter was the first field operator to use a Salford I-1100 and Valmar 2455 to apply annual rye grass seed. Since then, interest in cover crop seeding has expanded, and in response, Salford and Valmar have increased their level of cooperation to provide farmers with an effective cover crop application tool.

“The next step in our cooperation with Salford Group is very exciting for us,” says Mercedes Caron, Valmar president. “Salford Group has the capital, additional core expertise, and access to markets that will bring Valmar’s existing product lines to more farms in North America and a greater global market.”

Caron also stated that more accurate fertilizer application, nutrient management, and cover crop seeding are becoming mandatory in some regions and considered best practices in other areas. “Whether these practices are mandated or not, more accurate fertilizer application is saving farmers money, and cover crops are improving soil quality by building soil organic matter, adding nutrients to the soil, and reducing erosion and runoff,” adds Caron.

Valmar will continue to produce equipment from its Elie, Manitoba, manufacturing facility. The Manitoba facility will be the fifth manufacturing location for the Salford Group, adding to existing operations in Salford, Ontario; Osceola, Iowa; Cornelia, Georgia; and Omsk, Russia.

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