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Salford Group Adds Models to I-Series Vertical Tillage Line

Salford Group is launching two new additions to the Independent or I series of vertical tillage equipment – the I-2200 and I-4200. The I-2200 is classified as a true vertical tillage machine with coulter blades that run straight up and down for minimal soil disturbance. The I-4200 is a hybrid tillage tool that combines the concepts of vertical and conventional tillage into one unit.

“For farmers to adapt to field demands, get higher yields, and maximize their return on investment, the ability to change in the field is an absolute necessity,” says Brad Baker with the Salford Group. “These tools get them there.”

The Independent series is named for its independently mounted coulter blades that vertically slice through soil while fractioning layers of compaction. With the I-2200 and I-4200, the I-series will include a total of eight models that vary in aggressiveness from light tillage and slicing residue to full-bore soil displacement and residue incorporation up to 5 inches deep.

The I-2200 falls at the more aggressive end of the spectrum by combining the Coil-Tech Coulter II 1 5/8-inch independent blade mounting system of the I-2100 and the 5-inch spacing of the I-1200. This combination provides an improved seed bed preparation, thorough residue sizing, and effective mechanical weed control. The I-2200 also features 60% more down pressure than the Salford Coil Tech 1 for deeper penetration into tough ground conditions.

The I-4200 is more aggressive yet, combining concave blades and wavy coulters to achieve the residue mixing capabilities of the I-4100 with the field finish characteristics of a model with 5-inch spacing. The front two rows of the machine use the same rubber cushion concave blade coulters and spacing found on the I-4100.

On the rear rows, there are 50% more Coil-Tech II wavy blade coulters with 22-inch eight-wave blades than on the I-4100. This improves performance in high-residue or wet conditions. The I-4200 is compatible with all Salford seeding and fertilizer application attachments, including Switchblade hydraulic shanks.

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