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Unverferth Rolling Harrow 1245 Soil Conditioner with Exclusive Basket Design

Unverferth’s newest soil conditioner – the 1245 Rolling Harrow – features an exclusive basket design with notched end and center discs for greater soil penetration and larger, more durable depth blades.

The 1245 adds to the Rolling Harrow soil finisher’s three-decades long tradition of aggressive, scalloped, and angled front basket blades coupled with passive rear rollers for a smoother seedbed. This combination leaves finer soil at planting depth and coarser soil on the top to reduce crusting.

The 12.5-inch diameter baskets have a 1 5/8-inch center shaft for full-width basket support. The baskets also feature a 1 1/8-square bore for high-speed operation and four-bolt bearings with triple-lip seals and a shouldered design to prevent seals from rolling inward, extending bearing life.

Scalloped ¼-inch thick high-carbon steel blades have 20% more material, making them stronger than previous blades.

The 1245 is available in working widths from 32- to 63-feet in cross- and vertical-folding designs. An optional tool-free adjustable leveling bar with the choice of spike-tooth, diagonal-tool, or coil-tine provides more leveling ahead of the baskets. Other options include a hydraulically adjustable offset tongue on 47- to 63-foot models and a retractable-length tongue on sizes 39 to 63 feet.

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