All Around the Farm: August 2013

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    Just Hold Your Hammers

    I made this organizer for my hammers out of steel pipe. It’s made of 1/4x2-inch flat iron and a series of pipes, starting at 3/4-inch inside measurements. The pipes were adjusted as needed to fit the individual hammers before they were welded on the flat iron. Now it’s certainly easy to find the correct hammer out in the shop.      

    • Keith Christianson
    • Mentor, Minnesota
  • 02

    Save Time on Tile Repairs

    Connecting a new plastic tile to an existing cement line requires the fitting to be tight so dirt won’t filter in. Instead of taking the time and making the effort to mix up a batch of cement to place around it, I find that a can of expanding foam works much quicker and is just as effective.    

  • 03

    Dock Solid With This Ramp  

    This dock is built from a discarded flatbed trailer. I added 3 yards of concrete to form the ramp and two 5-inch pipes for a rub rail. There are also two dock rubber bumpers and an entry plate at the beginning of the ramp. Altogether, I spent less than half the price of a purchased unit.   

  • 04

    Hitch up Just About Anything

    Tired of having to hook up the pickup to pull a trailer only a short distance, I made this attachment for my forklift with 6×4×5∕8-inch angle iron. Two 3×4-inch pieces of square tubing form forklift pockets. I welded on a receiver hitch for bumper hitch trailers, and a hole in the top is for a ball for gooseneck trailers.

  • 05

    Use a Lightweight and Easy-to-Clean Work Mat

    I keep a 4×8-foot sheet of .5-inch foam insulation handy in my shop. When I need to work under equipment, it’s a lot softer and warmer than lying on a hard, cold cement or

  • 06

    Use a Wheel Bolt to Hold Dual Wheels on the Hub

    I found an easier way to put duals on a tractor. I screw the wheel bolt all the way in from the back through the hub. Then I use it as a pilot to hold the dual rim in place so I can get all the bolts started. A loose nut will keep the dual on while I’m shifting the wheel to line up the holes. I tighten the nut after the bolts are all put in and secured.

    • Marvin Hook | Parkersburg, Iowa
  • 07

    Be Popular at Parties  

    Per my wife’s vision, I made cup holders from worn harrows. We use them for backyard parties and in the harvest field at dinnertime. I cut the middle bar as close to the starting point of the spiral as possible. Then I heat the metal until it’s malleable and twist the spiral with the smaller end downward.  

  • 08

    This Part Turned out to be Better Than Factory

    One day I was blowing out my tractor radiator with my small air blower. It fell to the floor, and the tip broke off. I removed the broken parts and set about to fix it. I drilled out a grease zerk and screwed it into my blower. It worked incredibly well as a replacement.

    • Bryan Waldner | Kimball, South Dakota

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