All Around the Farm, December 2012

  • Something to Hold on to

    Something to Hold On To

    When I'm repairing or maintaining my farm equipment, my fingers usually get greasy, and it sometimes becomes difficult to turn the adjusting knob on my locking pliers. That's a problem when I need to adjust the position of the jaws. So I took a small washer and welded it to the top of the knob. This makes it much easier to turn – greasy fingers or not.

    Derek Waldner Raymond, South Dakota,

  • Working Height for Tire Changes

    Working Height for Tire Changes

    I had this old but sturdy chair sitting around and plenty of scrap steel, so I built this handy roll-around shop chair. The tray and the shelf hold small tools and assorted parts. I especially like to use it for doing jobs such as changing tires and replacing brake pads. Because of the height, it's not necessary to kneel or squat the whole time. 

    Donald Blake Cherokee, Iowa

  • Still at Work in the Shop

    Still at Work in the Shop

    When my shop vac quit working, I cut the top off, and now I have a great way to catch oil during oil changes. The base holds over 6 gallons of fluid. With its swiveling wheels, it rolls easily under any vehicle I own. There is also a drain plug for transferring oil into my used oil container.

    Lucas Cameron Lyons, Nebraska

  • Cut the Dust

    Cut the Dust

    To cut down on dust in grain bins, I hung a 36-inch ventilation fan over the air intake of the centrifugal fan. Setting the ventilation fan to blow outward creates enough negative static pressure to pull dust through the floor. The .5-hp. ventilation fan is easily supported by U-shape brackets hooked over the centrifugal fan housing.

    Harry Pearson Berlin, Maryland

  • Idea of the Month: Moving the Grease Zerk

    Idea of the Month: Moving the Grease Zerk

    Relocating the grease zerk for the trap door on a trailer's hopper bottom raises the working height to 33 inches. Tis two-hour job takes $50 in materials.

    Dan Meehan, Mulberry Grove, Illinois,

  • Send us Your Ideas

    Send us Your Ideas

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