All Around the Farm: Feb. 2015

  • Slick way to keep the garage floor cleaner

    Slick way to keep the garage floor cleaner 
    I pull the kids’ old sleds out each winter season to keep my garage floor cleaner. The sleds are placed under the mud guards and steps of my trucks after I drive into the garage. As the packed-on road mixture warms, it melts and falls into one of the sleds – not onto the floor. Then, I just drag the sleds outside and dump them in a safe spot.   
    Pat Hoople | Rockton, Illinois 

  • The funnel will stay upright on the oil barrel

    The funnel will stay upright on the oil barrel
    The funnel I utilize for my used oil barrel fit too loosely; it would tip to the side. So I came up with a solution. I drilled a 1¼-inch-diameter hole in the center of a 2-inch fill cap I purchased. Then, I welded the metal funnel to the screw cap. Now, since the funnel can’t tip, there is no more spilled oil.
    Fred Ifft Jr. | Fairbury, Illinois

  • Carry two extra rolls of wrap

    Carry two extra rolls of wrap  
    This simple bracket mounts to the tractor frame with two bolts and holds two additional rolls of silage wrap. Because the holder is mounted at my waist level, there is no awkward lifting required. I also put it on the same side of the machine as the dispenser.  
    Kyle Hutchison | Carrollton, Ohio   

  • Always be able to find the chuck key when you need it

    Always be able to find the chuck key
    I had a problem keeping track of the chuck key for the drill press. It got misplaced quite often. So I removed a magnet from an old auto speaker and put it on the front of the drill press. (Of course, any large magnet would work.) Now it’s easy for the person using the press to find the chuck key and put it back when finished.      
    Henry Bensink | Pleasantville, Iowa 

  • Adapt to multiple hitches

    Adapt to multiple hitches 
    When this adapter/carrier for our chain saws is mounted to the quick-attach hitch on the rear of our tractor, we can still back up to a fifth-wheel trailer and hook up since it will accommodate multiple hitch configurations at two levels. Removable legs allow removal of the adapter without pulling a pin. We just back up, lower the adapter, and it disconnects.      
    Jere and Larry Hill | Armada, Michigan

  • Keep cows’ heads and their hay dry

    Keep cows dry
    I had an old satellite dish. I put it to use again by coating it with a rubber waterproofing membrane and then using the former TV antenna as a cover for my bale feeder. I cut the material to fit between the ribs of the antenna and glued it to the frame. It’s easy to place the bale spear into the hook on the top of the new cover. The entire procedure can be done from the cab of the tractor.
    Tom Espie | Clinton Corners, New York

  • Guard against injury

    Guard against injury   
    Once when I was unloading hay bales, the bale spear snapped off. The threaded nut flew back and hit me in the forehead, causing a major gash. I’ve prevented this from happening again by welding up a ¼-inch-thick steel guard on the back side of the nut to prevent it from flying back and injuring anyone. It’s centered on the guard and welded directly to the spear attachment.    
    Brad Kampa | Independence, Wisconsin

  • Well, hello, Dolly!

    Well, hello, Dolly!
    After a severe drought in 2011, I was left with 20 dead trees to dispose of. I don’t have a hydraulic lift bucket or a skid steer on my farm. So I cut the trunks into 18- to 30-inch sections with a chain saw and then hauled them over to a burn pile using a large-appliance dolly (or hand truck). This one has air-up tires, wide-grip handles, and a 750-pound capacity. Every farm and ranch should own one.
    Robert Snyder | Katy, Texas

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