All Around the Farm, February 2013

  • Store Hay in Unused Grain Bins

    Store Hay in Unused Grain Bins

    To repair my bins for grain storage would have been too expensive. I also needed hay storage, so I converted the bins. There are openings cut into them, and a covered driveway is built in between as an overhang; the entrance door is on the west side. This new structure holds about 36 round bales stacked on end, three high.

    Wes Wolfe South Wayne,

  • Oil Tote is Good Storage for Suction Hose

    Oil Tote is Good Storage for Suction Hose

    Until I cut off the top of an empty oil tote for my 150-foot 2-inch suction hose, it was a chore to put it away because it's so heavy. Now it takes me less than one minute to coil the hose into the tote. I can lift it with the skid steer and haul it wherever it's needed on the farm.
    Jared Waldner | Raymond, South Dakota

  • Weatherproof the Irrigation Pump

    Weatherproof the Irrigation Pump

    To protect the pump for my center pivot irrigator, I used a badly damaged fertilizer storage tank. Turned upside down over the fertigation-chemigation injection pump system, this tank is made useful again by providing sturdy and weatherproof protection. (There is also a heavy rubber mat under the pivot power box to keep my feet dry.)
    Tadd Eads Lagro, Indiana

  • Bumpers Protect Surfaces

    Bumpers Protect Surfaces

    Old planter depth wheels keep my trailers, saddle tanks, and other equipment from being damaged when I move it with my forklift. The set on the rear is in case I get too close to something when backing up. They are fastened together with heavy zip ties and hang by rubber straps, so they are easy to remove. Brent Swartzendruber
    Brent Swartzendruber, Henderson, Nebraska,

  • Idea Of the Month: Hydraulic Seeder

    Idea Of the Month: Hydraulic Seeder

    Hydraulics raise this seeder's frame from a 6-foot to a 9.5-foot clearance for operating in tall corn. Or to traverse hills, each side can be lifted independently, while the boom stays parallel to the ground. The 22-foot-long unit will adjust from 102 inches to 132 inches wide. The sides narrow 15 inches, and at its widest, it will straddle four 30-inch rows.
    Charles, Martin, Loysville, Pennsylvania

  • Send us your Ideas

    Send Us Your Ideas

    Submissions should be precise. Include a sketch or photograph when needed. The Idea of the Month receives a $2,500 Firestone in-store credit offer. We pay $200 for ideas that appear with drawings and $100 for unillustrated ideas. Send idea, a daytime phone number, and email address to or Successful Farming Magazine All Around The Farm 1716 Locust Street/LS257 Des Moines, IA 50309.

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