All Around the Farm: Jan. 2015

  • Combination tie-downs are long and strong

    Combination tie-downs are long and strong 
    The straps weren’t long enough to fasten round bales down on my gooseneck trailer. I had two ratchets with bad webbing, so I removed the webbing and added 5∕16-inch log chain with a grab hook. Now, I’m able to fasten it to the beavertail section of the gooseneck. It is also long enough to tie down a large load of square bales.      
    Chuck Thomas | Grand Rapids, Ohio

  • Deeper cup holder keeps large beverages upright

    Deeper cup holders
    The cup holders in my tractor and combine cabs really weren’t tall enough for my soda or coffee container. So, I modified each one by cutting a 4-inch length of 3-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. I put a few rounds of electrical tape around the outside of the pipe about 1½ inches from the bottom. Then, I pushed each one down into the factory cup holders where they’ve stayed ever since. No more spills.
    Vic Wolfert | Zeeland, Michigan

  • Air up a tire while big door stays shut

    Air up a tire while big door stays shut  
    For outdoor air hose access, I bought a cable hatch at an RV parts store. Next, I drilled all the way through my shop walls and removed the insulation between. Then, I mounted the cable hatch using stainless sheet metal screws and put calking around the back side. 
    David Barrett | Leesburg, Ohio          

  • When it comes to leverage, more is usually better

    When it comes to leverage, more is usually better
    To pull out stubborn nails, I could never get enough leverage with a mini crowbar. Then, I thought of something helpful: I took a regular-size crowbar and welded a piece of solid shift about 1 inch thick and about 2 inches long to the outside bend of the crowbar. In effect, I created my own nail puller.    
    Paulus Decker | Arlington, South Dakota 

  • Spilled grain stays clean

    Spilled grain stays clean
    One of my old discarded truck tarps comes in handy when I load grain from the trailer to the grain bin. First, I spread out the tarp where the auger and grain deck will go. Then, I set everything on top of the tarp. Now when there is a small spill, I can shovel the grain into the auger without picking up unwanted material. Wooden blocks or metal spikes keep it weighed down.     
    Aaron Waldner | Britton, South Dakota

  • Keep livestock trailer quiet

    Keep livestock trailer quiet
    Using discarded carpeting simplifies the chore of bedding the floor of my livestock trailer. I cut pieces of used carpet 2 inches longer than the width of trailer for better fit against the sidewalls; an 8-inch overlap works well between lengths. Just pull it out or roll it up to clean. Dry it in sunlight, and then turn it upside down to let the dry matter fall off. Livestock will be comfortable with no floor noise.
    Lee Schwery | Lathrop, Missouri

  • Change dual tires

    Change dual tires   
    I made this device for changing sprayer tires from floaters in the spring to skinny tires in early summer. It fits on my pallet jack, so I’m able to safely carry either the floater tires or the skinny tires. The rollers allow a tire to turn easily for lining up studs on the sprayer with the holes in the rim. The pallet jack can raise the tire in small amounts.   
    Mike Jackson | Rose Hill, Iowa

  • Layer a pair of waterproof gloves

    Layer a pair of waterproof gloves
    In winter weather, it’s tough to keep my fingers from getting numb. Now, though, I have a solution. I’ve started putting a latex glove on over the top of my regular glove. Since the outer layer keeps the water off, my regular work gloves don’t get cold and freeze. This really keeps the heat in. I’m no longer worried about having numb fingers. 
    Ryan Waldner | Burnsville, Minnesota

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