All Around the Farm: Jan. 2016

  • Stop toolbox from sliding around

    Stop toolbox from sliding around 

    I have a portable toolbox in my ATV. Since it has a steel body and my ATV has a steel box, it slips easily, causing the tools to get unorganized. So I took worn-out baler belting and bolted it onto the bottom of my toolbox. Now the toolbox won’t move even 1 inch unless I lift it. (I’m sure old rubber floor mats would work, too.) 

    Jonas Waldner | Mitchell, South Dakota   

  • Easily view the seed level

    Easily view the seed level

    To determine when my older no-till drill (that only has sight glasses) is running out of soybeans, I put the remote TV camera from my combine tank in one of the drill’s hoppers with a magnet mount. I don’t fill that hopper as full as the others, so I know that it will be low first. The camera even has a built-in light, making it that much easier to see the level of seed.  

    Bruce Hanson | Wesley, Iowa 

  • Sturdy, stable stool for working under the hood

    Sturdy, stable stool for working under the hood 

    My ¾-ton pickup is too high to reach over when I do engine maintenance, so I found a good solution that works for me. It’s a shower stool like the ones used in medical care centers. It has large rubber pads on the legs so they won’t slide around like others I’ve tried. I see them often at yard and estate sales. 

    Mark Worrell | Glade Hill, Virginia  

  • Extra surface for feet and seed bags

    Extra surface for feet 

    To facilitate the filling of planter boxes with dry starter fertilizer, I built and attached this platform to the frame of my planter. Now I have an elevated place to walk when controlling the shutoff on the auger. I used the same slip-resistant aluminum alloy metal found in running boards. This additional surface space is also a nice place to set extra seed bags.

    Henry Svoboda | New London, Minnesota

  • Tank hose and lights become one

    Tank hose and lights become one   

    Filling the solution tank on my sprayer can be tough, and when it’s dark out, it gets tougher, because I can’t see the gallon markings on the solution tank’s hose. So instead of trying to juggle a flashlight, I simply added a 5-foot length of flexible, waterproof LED lighting strip behind the hose from bottom to top. 

    Darren Waldner | Salem, South Dakota

  • Safe and handy place to put a cell phone

    Safe place to put a cell phone 

    While operating the tractor one day, my mom needed a safe spot for her cell phone, but she didn’t really find one. Later, we came up with a solution: the back pocket from an old pair of jeans. She cut out the pocket, and then my dad attached it to the monitor bar with plastic zip [or cable] ties. Now my mom has a safe and convenient place to put her cell phone.

    Ann Estvold, age 13 | Lakota, North Dakota

  • Electrical tape works for yet another task

    Electrical tape works for yet another task  

    Sometimes I have a problem getting a nut into a tight spot on my machinery. So to keep from buying a fancy tool, I get out the electrical tape. I wrap it around my fingertip with the sticky side facing out. I take the nut and put it on the sticky side as I reach my finger to the place the nut needs to catch. 

    Darrin Hofer | Mitchell, South Dakota

The latest and greatest farmer inventions, compiled by Paula Barbour.

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