All Around the Farm, January 2013

  • Take it All to the Woods

    Take it All to the Woods

    My 4×4-foot box has everything I need for timber stand improvement and for cutting firewood. The folding workbench on the outside is supported by a bicycle kickstand. I built the dividers so everything has its place and nothing else has to move when one thing comes out. I haul it to the woods with the forks on my Bobcat.

    George Mouser Floyds Knobs, Indiana

  • Lightweight, Nimble Calf Catcher

    Lightweight, Nimble Calf Catcher

    This unit slides in the receiver hitch of a utility vehicle. It's narrow enough to fit through narrow gates, high enough to go through creeks, and light enough that there's no need for tires. The catcher is activated by the pull of a rope mounted by the driver's seat. Weighing and tagging becomes a one-person job, and that person is guarded from a protective cow.

    Ryan Njos | Rhame, North Dakota

  • Extension Cord Rack that Extends

    Extension Cord Rack that Extends

    To keep extension cords from getting tangled up. So I took two 34-inch lengths of 1-inch tubing (to create the arms), then welded pivot points out of strap steel, and used ½-inch bolts on the pivot points and at the wall. Then I bent the lengths of rod that create the holders that the cords hang from. Because it swings out away from the wall, the cords are really out of the way when not in use.

    Michael Blake Aurelia, Iowa

  • Keep the Radiator Clean

    Keep the Radiator Clean

    The front-wheel assists on my tractor are always turning up dirt. That's because the radiator sucks air from the side instead of the front, so it pulls in dirt from those front wheels. I drilled holes in the rubber fenders and attached dirt skirts made out of rubber matting. They keep dirt from the wheels out of the radiator.

    Harold Fratzke Cottonwood, Minnesota

  • Idea Of the Month: Moveable Vent Hood

    Idea Of the Month: Moveable Vent Hood

    A custom-built 12-gauge galvanized sheet metal ventilation hood in John Eron's shop moves on tracks made for sliding barn doors. He pulls it by rope when needed. 

    John Eron, Junction City, Wisconsin

  • Send us Your Ideas

    Send us Your Ideas

    Submissions should be precise. Include a sketch or photograph when needed. The Idea of the Month receives a $2,500 Firestone in-store credit offer. We pay $200 for ideas that appear with drawings and $100 for unillustrated ideas. Send idea, a daytime phone number, and email address to or Successful Farming Magazine All Around The Farm 1716 Locust Street/LS257 Des Moines, IA 50309.

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