All Around the Farm: January 2014

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    Here they are, the latest farmer invention ideas from All Around the Farm! Think you've got an idea that we need to include? Submit your idea online today!

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    Spring-loaded gate wheels

    I used gauge wheels from an old cultivator to build supports for a pair of gates. The springloaded rods are from an old spike harrow attachment for a disk harrow. Channel-iron brackets are clamped to the gate tubes with U-bolts.

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    Organize specialty tools

    To store, organize, and protect specialty tools that I take to the field or elsewhere for a specific job, I use old lunch box coolers. For example, one contains my small orbital sander with sandpaper.

    • Craig Fahlstrom
    • Dickinson, North Dakota
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    Feed bunk mover

    After a number of my bale feeders were damaged from being lifted out of the mud with a bale spear, I made this lifting loop just for that purpose. There is a ¾-inch round stock U-bolt welded to the top of a piece of 3×3×¼-inch angle iron.

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    Log splitter boom

    I needed to take the back work out of splitting large chunks of firewood, so I built a boom with an electric winch. A log tong is attached to the winch cable to hold the log securely. With this customized attachment, I can pick up big pieces of wood and swivel them onto the splitter.

    • Cecil Ropp | Campbell Hill, Illinois
    • 618/426-3867
  • 06

    Tool identification

    I decided to brand my tools after several of them were permanently “borrowed.” So I used a ¼-inch (6 mm) letter and number punch set to mark all my tools. Now they show my initials and phone number. If anything else walks away, I can easily prove it’s mine.

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    Battery charger cables

    After removing the clamps from one end of a 16-foot set of heavy-duty jumper cables, we direct-wired into our battery charger, replacing the shorter original cables. This allows us to hook up the charger to a combine or other equipment while keeping the charger down on the floor. We put the clamps removed from the jumper cables on the original charger cables.

    • Sharon Dawson | Belt, Montana
  • 08

    See what you're doing

    It was always difficult to see what was going on with my portable grain belt in the dark. Spilling any kind of grain is very inefficient, so I mounted two lights, one that covers the loading area and one that covers the unloading area. It’s powered by the motor with a simple on/off switch.

  • 09

    Faster tube deflation

    By using a shop vac, I can quickly deflate inner tubes when I’m fixing flat tires. After inflating the tube in order to detect the leak, remove the valve, then put the hose over the stem. It takes only 30 seconds to drain the air from a large combine or tractor tire.

    • Leon Waldner
    • Kimball, South Dakota

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Here they are, the latest farmer-inventions from All Around the Farm!

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