All Around the Farm: March 2015

  • Keep the grip tight

    Keep the grip tight   
    There are times when I go to remove a hub or sprocket and find the flange is just too narrow for my jaw pullers to hold onto; they aren't able to get a good grip. In those instances, I put a worm-type hose clamp around the puller jaws to make them more rigid. I have found that using this method keeps the jaws from slipping off.     
    Theo Bedient | Hemingford, Nebraska

  • Keep bit shanks from slipping

    Keep bit shanks from slipping
    To prevent drill bits from slipping within the chuck, I modify them a little. I simply touch the smooth shank onto a grinder momentarily (to about a 1∕64-inch depth). Align this flat side with one of the three chuck jaws, and there will be no more slip. I’ve been using this technique successfully for several decades now.  
    Ed Klass | Wheeler, Wisconsin   

  • Master hitch management

    Master hitch management
    I welded flat-stock steel straight out the back side of my mower’s clevis-style hitch. When unhooking the mower, the pin goes in the two existing holes I reamed out on its frame. The tractor pulls away, and the flat stock contacts the bottom side of the draw pin to hold the hitch up straight. It’s easier to back up to the next time.      
    Brian Thome | Kent City, Michigan        

  • Hot lunch vs. sack lunch

    Hot lunch vs. sack lunch
    Combine and tractor drivers don’t have to eat a sack lunch when a carry-out hot lunch can be easily transported in an oversize muffin tin and foam cups. The cups stand firmly in the tin and can be filled with hot foods like mashed potatoes and gravy, roast beef, soups or stews, plus bread, crackers, desserts, and, of course, a beverage.    
    Mary Mikula | Chetek, Wisconsin

  • Chain mount keeps both dog and owner happier

    Chain mount for your dog
    My dog’s chain was always getting tangled around the post it was attached to. So, I sunk a stub post flush with the ground and then put a disk blade over the top of the post. Then, I attached a small wheel with a long lag screw and attached the chain to the wheel. This setup lets the dog’s chain move freely in a 360° circle. No more untangling!       
    Ed Krecik | Knox, Indiana

  • Storage for small items in truck bed

    Storage for small items in truck bed  
    Standard rural mailboxes mounted under the rail of my pickup bed make excellent storage boxes for tools, tie-downs, and other small items. The mailbox doors open toward the tailgate, so they’re easy to access when the tailgate is open. The mailboxes are more narrow than the wheel wells, which leaves the pickup bed free to use.     
    Wayne Reed | Corpus Christi, Texas

  • A floor jack can work for lawn mowers

    A floor jack for lawn mowers
    I built this device to use with my lawn mower when I need to change blades, grease the engine, or clean the deck. The center shaft of my platform slips into the 1¼-inch hole in the lifting arm of the jack for a secure connection. I put it on with the arm down and then drive onto it. The ends are adjustable to fit the wheels of any lawn mower.
    Donald Kalla | South Haven, Minnesota

  • Secure the dump bed latch on a UTV

    Secure the dump bed latch on a UTV
    I use the dump bed feature on my utility vehicle twice a day, seven days a week. The tailgate latch would frequently come unhooked from the tailgate, the dump bed, or both. A quick fix was to loop a piece of small chain around the latch. Once this proved 80% effective, I removed the chain and installed a 3/32-inch cable through the latch instead. Now the problem is solved. 
    Ken Nicol | Marysville, Ohio

Compiled by Paula Barbour.

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