All Around the Farm: Mid-Feb 2015

  • Field repair stand goes anywhere

    Field repair stand goes anywhere 
    I built this durable stand that can be moved from the shop to the field to make a place to set tools, bolts, and other items. The concave side of the top disk blade goes up, and the concave side of the bottom blade goes down. Braces are welded to the lower blade and attached to the post for stability. I also welded a plate over the hole in the top blade so nothing can fall through.
    Allen Kleim | Kinderhook, Illinois 

  • Trailer wires that last longer

    Trailer wires that last longer
    When wiring trailers, I use 14-3 (three conductive and one ground) UF-rated (outdoor) electrical cable. UF wire is weather-resistant so it lasts much longer than standard four-wire trailer-harness wire. The 14-3 cable contains three insulated conductors for taillight and turn light connections. 
    Dick Urban | Neillsville, Wisconsin

  • Fresh air for calf hutches

    Fresh air for calf hutches   
    I devised a ventilation system for my calf hutches. Behind the hutches is 12-inch tile with a grain bin fan at one end and plywood at the other. This forces air into each hutch through 4-inch tile placed through its side. Those tile sections then run down the top center of each hutch’s roof.      
    Ben Emmerich | Wheeler, Illinois       

  • Power outage left no water pressure

    Power outage left no water pressure
    Recently, I had a power outage, and water usage depleted the pressure to below 15 psi. Ordinarily, the pump won’t start until I reset the pressure switch in the well after power is restored. This time, I had retained pressure in another well, so I was able to supply water to the failed well, which reset the pressure switch and saved me a trip into the failed well pit. 
    Chuck Smith | Van Meter, Iowa 

  • Temporary enclosure during calving

    Temporary enclosure during calving 
    To keep other cattle from disturbing a cow about to calf, I enclose her pen with what I call a portable wall. It’s a simple sheet of ¼-inch-thick plywood with hooks at the top to hang over the gates and fencing inside my shed. This also allows me to walk around the barn checking other cows without disturbing the one that’s calving.      
    Jadon Waldner | Mitchell, South Dakota

  • Seal off wood from water damage

    Seal off wood from water damage
    Some of the wood fence posts around my pasture were solid at the base but were quickly rotting at the top, especially in the center where the preservative had not penetrated. I had some old white primer paint in the barn that I needed to get rid. So I poured the primer into the cavity. It soaked into the crevices and made a watertight seal.  
    William Ostrander | San Luis Obispo, California

  • No fading away

    No fading away   
    The control computer for my corn dryer is installed on the south side of the dryer bin. Since prolonged exposure to the sun can fade or distort the panel, I now protect it by using the old cover from a diesel fuel barrel pump. The cover has two hooks on the top that hook around the back side of the control computer. Also, I attached a bolt and a strap on the bottom that quickly lock it in place.
    Mike DeSutter | Ghent, Minnesota

  • Tough but lightweight tool bag

    Tough but lightweight tool bag
    To make durable tool totes, I cut off the bottoms of old jean legs. First, I sew across the bottom to close up the leg. Then, I hem the top of the leg section and put a cord through the hem to make a drawstring. (I have also used a hook-and-loop fastener for closing the tops of the bags.) My husband finds these very handy for carrying tools in his tractor without the bulk of a heavier toolbox.
    Phyllis Visser | Herington, Kansas

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