All Around the Farm: Oct. 2015

  • How to clamp it

    How to clamp it
    I made an odd-size clamp-down for a workshop or welding table. The spot-weld removable C-clamp will hold down large objects that a regular C-clamp or locking pliers won’t reach. Just tack-weld the base to the table and use the adjustable screw to secure a strong clamp. The device is easy to remove with a grinder.
    Kevin Hoops | Byron, Nebraska

  • Slide-on forklift hitch

    Slide-on forklift hitch
    I use this hitch for moving my fifth-wheel camper with the fork truck. For other towing purposes requiring a ball hitch, it flips over. This unit is built of 4½-inch tubing that slides over the forks; the tubing is welded to 4-inch channel iron. The fifth-wheel receiver is a 4-inch steel ring 4 inches deep. A nut is welded onto the tubing to hold it in place.       
    Larry Schnell | New Lothrop, Michigan

  • Clean approach to a dirty job

    Clean approach to a dirty job
    A good way to stay clean while blowing the dust and chaff out of the combine is to put on mosquito netting. I cover my head, shoulders, and arms to keep the chaff or other itchy stuff from going down my neck and into my clothing. The very fine mesh shakes off easily. I found mine at a camping supply store and have seen it in some catalogs, too.   
    Raymond Youngers | Goddard, Kansas 

  • Roll out the air tank

    Roll out the air tank
    There are times on the farm when I need more air hose farther away from the shop, a large tank for inflating a tire in the machine shed, or a midline tank to help balance air pressure in a long hose. This device makes it all possible. The reel at its base is for quick and easy wrap-up. 
    Dave Mello | Batavia, Iowa

  • Use a drill press for smaller jobs

    Use a drill press for smaller jobs    
    I find that a drill press works great for jobs that aren’t so big that they require a hydraulic press. I put a piece of the desired-size diameter steel rod in the chuck as a punch and use the handle to apply pressure. This is sometimes better than a hammer and punch.      
    Don Johnson | Brooklyn, Wisconsin

  • Shop-built pickup bed extension

    Shop-built pickup bed extension 
    I’ve taken back some of the space lost to my truck toolbox with this tailgate extender. It’s a safe way to secure four-wheelers, lawn mowers, or other large items for hauling. When not in use, I flip it forward. In this position, it also keeps shorter things such as a stove or washing machine from sliding around.   
    Bob Strawhacker | Mediapolis, Iowa 

  • Change clothes and get a fresh start

    Change clothes and get a fresh start
    Tired of spending all day covered in grease and grime from daily maintenance, I’ve started stashing a pair of coveralls and a whole change of clothes in a large, resealable plastic bag in my tractor toolbox. Coveralls keep work clothes clean when greasing equipment, of course, and a change of clothes is nice after fixing an oil or fuel leak.
    Jeremy Glanzer | Willow Lake, South Dakota    

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