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All Around the Farm: September 2013

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    Pinpoint control for spot spraying

    I spent less than $2 to convert my handheld sprayer to a spot sprayer. After removing the nozzle end, I slid a 2-inch-long piece of gas line hose over the wand to hold a 6-inch plastic funnel firmly in place. A 3/4-inch hose clamp holds the funnel firmly to the hose and wand.

    Michael Ternus | Auburn, California

  • 02

    Get right to the bottom of it

    I had to dig out the bottom of my fertilizer tender; it had gotten wet and had hardened like concrete. I welded a wood bit to a 3/8-inch socket. Using several socket extensions and an air impact wrench, I was able to drill holes into the caked fertilizer, which ultimately broke away.

    Craig Fahlstrom | Dickinson, North Dakota

  • 03

    Pick a pair of pliers

    Here’s the way we keep a pair of pliers close at hand when out on the four-wheeler: We fastened the type of pliers carrying case that is worn on a belt to the fourwheeler’s fender with a couple of self-tapping screws. These cases are available at any hardware store.

    Rich and Bev Rubel | Dallas, South Dakota

  • 04

    Simple fix for less mess

    I made this device to help control the flow of grain from my tandem-axle truck; it’s deflected as it pours out over the hitch of the pup grain trailer that I pull behind that truck. It keeps the grain from flowing all over the hitch and floor.

    Gary Nonamaker | Cedar, Kansas

  • 05

    Show them who owns it

    To make it easier for the elevator scale operator to know whose grain I’m hauling, I mounted a piece of tin on the side of my semitrailer. It is stenciled with my corporation name on one side and the landlord’s name on the opposite side.

    Eben Salton | Webb, Iowa

  • 06

    A story of resourcefulness

    I was mowing my front lawn one day with my gas-powered push mower when the throttle broke. With no time to make a parts run, I turned to an old bike lying around in the garage. I removed the brake cable from that bike and mounted it on the lawn mower.

    Bryan Waldner | Kimball, South Dakota

  • 07

    Cows will stay out

    This protector is made of scrap water pipe. I welded a light plate to the bottom of each of the three uprights. One of the three is bolted to a transportation ring molded into the tank. Angle iron on one horizontal pipe is there for mounting a tank float.

    Floyd Anderson | Ruso, North Dakota

  • 08

    No need to search for lost cap

    It’s easy to lose caps off of containers of the glue, paint, and oils used in small repair work. So I always keep a block of modeling clay in my repair kit – the children’s type. Then, when I lose a cap, I make a little ball of clay and press it on the bottle or tube.

    Kathie Kania | Erie, Pennsylvania

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