Best of All Around the Farm From the Web: December 2013

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    It's winter. It's cold. Not much to do outside. But it's probably warmer in your farm shop! So keep warm and dig into some machinery and equipment projects! Check out some of these ideas submitted online by farmers around the nation.

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    Brent Svoboda wanted to get more out of his skid steer. So, he turned to a three-point attachment to "handle more implements and speed up projects," says the Pender, Nebraska, farmer.

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    Svoboda says he's accomplished just what he set out to do: Make his skidloader "more versatile and productive." And there is an added benefit: "It also makes the machine safer because it can't roll over backwards," he says.

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    Now, Svoboda can do a lot more with his machine. "You can add a bale spear, planter, blade, electric salt spreader or ripper," he says.

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    Delbert Hayes farms near Norwalk, Iowa, and recently submitted his idea for a way to inflate tube tires without having to worry about dropping tools in a large tire. "I took a one inch valve extension and glued a washer with epoxy in the center of a metal extension," he says.

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    The result: "I use it to inflate tube tires; just screw it on the valve stem and apply air. You do not have to hold the stem with pliers or by hand and worry about it falling in the tire. Use a steel washer that will fit as close to snug," he says. "Works great."

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    Not every shop innovation's about functionality. Cliff Swart wanted to be more comfortable working under his machinery. So, the Seneca, Kansas, farmer took some common materials -- plywood, antifatigue floor mats and duct tape -- and created a solution.

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    "Cut a piece of 1/4-inch plywood about 30x48 inches. Cut or drill a hand slot in one end so it can be held with ease," Swart says. "We put some antifatigue interlocking floor mats on the plywood with 3 rows of duct tape. Now we work on the ground in comfort and if oil or grease gets on it, it wipes right off the slick surface."

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    A new tractor created a problem for Tim Gerling of Burlington, Iowa. "I work for a drainage district along the Mississippi River. We are required to maintain ditch banks and levees. We spray them with a tractor and mounted sprayer," he says. "When we got a new tractor that we couldn't remove a window for the hand gun, we had to come up with another way."

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    The system not only is easier but also makes the work more efficient. "We mounted a boom in the loader bracket and used the joystick to control the gun," says Gerling. "We have an electric switch for turning flow on and off. The boom will also swing out an extra six feet."

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