Dual-hitch semi flatbed

  • Flat bed

    Casey Garton of Idalia, Colorado, built this flatbed deck for his semi. He says he usually carries two chemical shuttles, but it will accommodate three. (The 1979 Peterbilt was named Two Smokes – note the dual exhaust stacks -- by the previous owner’s granddaughter. It stuck, Garton says.)

  • Hitch

    The dual hitch has both a receiver tube for the Gartons’ seed tender, and a pintle hitch they use for hooking up the sprayer trailer. Garton ran the air lines, electrical lines for lights, lights for the trailer, and the trailer brakes.

  • Tank

    Garton also installed all the plumbing for the 2,600-gallon tank. He says this setup gives him enough capacity to spray a half-section or plant for one full day.

  • Float

    Jake Garton, 11, helps fill the tank. There is a cam lock fitting in the tank lid to hold the garden hose they use for this job. A float valve prevents the tank from overfilling.

  • Garton rig

    In addition to helping his dad farm, Jake is also an artist. Here he shows us how the rig looks when it’s hooked up to their Meridian 220 seed tender. Thank you, Jake.

A dual-hitch flatbed gives semi versatility.

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