August 2015: All Around the Farm

  • Convenient boot spray helps prevent the spread of disease

    Convenient boot spray helps prevent the spread of disease
    I installed a boot cleaner on the semi tractor that I use for hauling livestock. An air canister from a semi is converted to hold about 12 gallons of water with disinfectant added. Air pressure is provided by the air brake system. With a short garden hose attached to the canister, I have an easy way to spray off boots.       
    Phillip Hartke | Teutopolis, Illinois

  • There’s the drain plug!

    There’s the drain plug!
    A visible reminder that the drain plug isn’t back in yet is to simply place the drain plug on top of the fill cap. You won’t pour in any oil (or make a major mess) as long as the drain plug is in the way of the fill cap. We all know someone who’s made such a mistake, so try this nearly foolproof and valuable technique.   
    Eric Johnston | Geneseo, Illinois 

  • Keep feed off the floor

    Keep feed off the floor  
    Tired of bending down to readjust feed pails, I raised the feed bin by 3 feet. Then I made a platform for sliding the pails around with a 32×32-inch piece of expanded metal. An 18-gauge 48×20-inch galvanized plate is bent in the center and bolted onto the back. Now I just push the pail to the corner for filling.
    Jonathan Stahl | Wecota, South Dakota

  • Hydraulic hoses stay safe

    Hydraulic hoses stay safe
    Because I use a three-point quick-hitch on my planter, there is risk of damaging the hydraulic hoses in the back. So I made an iron guard to attach to the planter’s jacks. Centered over the three-point hitch, they won’t dangle off the sides or get too low to the ground.        
    Josiah Stahl | White, South Dakota

  • Full-tilt fuel stand gives easier fills

    Full-tilt fuel stand
    My son built a hinging metal rack out of pipes and other pieces to hold a 55-gallon drum filled with gas. The bottom hole has a hose with a nozzle, and the top is vented. We can easily adjust the angle of the barrel since one end of the cradle is hinged. This prevents gas from blowing out the vent due to expansion caused by temperature changes.      
    Victor Yoder | Belvidere, Tennessee       

  • Handy shop organizer is built from disks

    Handy shop organizer is built from disks     
    The organizer I built for cans of paint, lubricants, and other sprays has a second top tray for bolts, springs, and more small items. I wrapped two old planter disks each with a 3-inch-high lip. The disks rotate on a 5∕8-inch rod and are supported by a 6-inch-wide mounting plate.      
    Steve Wurtz | Artesian, South Dakota 

  • High-Visibility signage makes things clear

    High-Visibility signage makes things clear
    I needed to identify my individual fields for fertilizer and chemical applications, so I used ½-inch plywood cut 5½ inches high and 5 inches long. I used 4-inch stencils for the letters and numbers. They are all undercoated with white paint and have two coats of white gloss enamel. Each sign is screwed to a 1½×4-foot-tall stake.  
    Bill Kranz | Columbus, Wisconsin

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