May 2015: All Around the Farm

  • Work at just the right angle

    Work at just the right angle       
    Incorporating box tubing, a jack, two old brake rotors, and an old bowling ball that acts as a bearing, I made a welding table that rotates or tilts in any direction. The long-handle jack has a step on it with a spring, so it raises when I release my foot from it. A paddle on the jack releases pressure to let the table move into any position.
    Jim Muhs | Claremont, Illinois 

  • Keep garden items clean and dry

    Keep garden items clean and dry
    A pair of gloves, a hand weeder, a trowel, mini first-aid kit, insect repellent, a small towel, wet wipes, small trimmers. These are some of the things I keep in a mailbox right near my garden. Mounted on a post, it keeps needed items that I once stored farther away. Since I painted the box a beautiful shade of blue, it also makes an attractive addition to my garden.      
    Nancy Garrelts | Johns Creek, Georgia

  • Hoses are secure yet easy to remove

    Hoses are secure yet easy to remove
    The grapple bucket for my loader required hydraulics running from the rear of the tractor. Routing was tricky, because it’s necessary to remove those hoses when taking off the loader. To keep the hoses secure yet be easy to remove, I cut a wavy opening in the side of some schedule 40 PVC pipe with a jigsaw and bolted it to the tractor.
    Richard Eide | Jackson, Michigan    

  • Here’s a fix for repairing a shop stool

    Here’s a fix for repairing a shop stool    
    The vinyl seat cover on my adjustable-height shop stool cracked around the outside edge, which left the foam padding exposed. My wife came home one day with new carpets for the bathroom and threw out the old ones. I found that the toilet cover fit very nicely on my shop stool and added some color, too.
    Alvin Reed | Clearmont, Missouri

  • Try a cheap, durable mineral feeder

    Try a cheap, durable mineral feeder
    I cut feeding holes in the sides of discarded plastic barrels, and then I mount them on fences and trees. Bolting truck mud flaps on the top edges and letting them hang over the feeding holes makes each barrel weatherproof and shields the mineral from blowing rain and snow.    
    Rasceal Ruber | Falmouth, Kentucky

  • Recycler makes a durable mineral block holder

    Recycler makes a durable mineral block holder    
    We were on a construction site where the workers had set aside some pieces of concrete to crush. At 20 inches tall and 20 inches in diameter, the piece of round concrete pipe we salvaged makes a good container for offering our cows a mineral block and sodium bicarb. The concrete is very heavy and durable.      
    Luke Meffert | Waunakee, Wisconsin

  • Extra-large funnel top on waste oil tote is a hard target to miss

    Extra-large funnel top
    After struggling to reach the funnel in the center of our waste oil tote, I decided to build a 48×40-inch funnel to fit the top. Made of 1/8-inch-thick steel, the funnel is 4 inches high and slopes to a 4-inch hole in its center. On one side, I welded a 12-inch piece of expanded metal to set funnels and used oil filters for draining before recycling.
    Jeremy Pesko | Phillips, Wisconsin

  • You can tell by the sound

    You can tell by the sound   
    Since I have more than 40 feed bins on my livestock farm, it was a big and tiring job to climb to the top of each one everyday to check it. So I made things easier on myself by using a 4-foot-long piece of 2×2 to tap on each bin to determine if it needed filled with feed that day. If a bin sounded hollow, it got filled. I have since switched to using a length of round handle.
    Jake Wurtz | Delmont, South Dakota

This month's round of farmer inventions. Compiled by Paula Barbour.

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