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Run the table

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    Roger Johnson is back with a new innovation from his farm shop near Chandler, Minnesota, this time to help him when he's using his plasma cutter.

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    "I needed a table for cutting metal with my plasma cutter," he says. "I was using a solid tabletop, but the splatter from the cutter blew back in my face."

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    Johnson used some common items from around the shop to build the table, starting from the ground up. "I used an old separator stand that I welded to a length of 4x4-inch tube steel."

  • 04

    The table's top is a metal grate. "Four 45-degree gussets hold the grate to the tube," Johnson says. The tabletop grate is 2 feet square.

  • 05

    The shop-built table successfully accomplishes Johnson's goal. "With the grate as the tabletop, the cutter slag and splatter goes right through," he says.

This farmer-built welding table helps this farmer save face (courtesy Roger Johnson).

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