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Best Farm Shop Office

Denny and Terry Bogner toiled for years in a shop their father fashioned that “was certainly better than working in a dirt-floor machine shed,” Denny recalls. “It never had an office, though, and farming today requires a good office to do business in or to organize our workday.”

The ideal location for the office was at one end of a new 81-foot-wide by 224-foot-long Morton building the Sparland, Illinois, brothers invested in to create a combination shop and machinery storage complex.

The office was fashioned by a 36×35-foot structure attached to the southern end of the shop structure (see above). That office faces south and toward the main entrance to the Bogner farmstead. “To dress the office addition up and to call attention to its purpose, we had Morton add a porch that wraps around the addition,” Denny says. “We’ve gotten more compliments from visitors who appreciate the added touch.”

“This is where we meet each morning to plan out the day,” says Terry, who in #4 is seated second from the left between his sons, Tim (far left) and Brendan (to the right of Terry). Denny is seated at the far right.


Combination kitchen/conference center

The centerpiece of the Bogner brothers’ office is a massive kitchen set off by a large oak table that serves as both a place to have meals and, more often, a farmer-style boardroom table.

The kitchen and two adjoining offices are dressed out in oak woodwork. A bathroom with shower and utility rooms are under the office addition’s roof. “We dressed out the kitchen, offices, and bathroom with ceramic tile floors and a suspended tile ceiling,” Denny points out. “The office space being attached but yet outside the main shop space next door allows uninterrupted large spaces in the shop and a cleaner and quieter environment in the office. Meetings with vendors and customers in the conference area are pleasant and cozy with a surrounding full kitchen and restroom.”

Terry says having the office close to the shop makes record keeping, research, parts ordering, and other bookkeeping chores more convenient.


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