Shop design champ

  • Lost the farm

    After losing their farmstead near Edwardsport, Indiana, to the construction of a new power plant, the Villwock family was forced to move. “Prior to that, we were operating out of a great 64×80-foot shop, which we'd still be in today if we hadn't lost the farmstead,” says Don Villwock.

  • Wish list

    So Villwock and farm manager Jason Misiniec set about putting together a wish list of ideas they wanted in a new shop. Thus armed, they erected a 104-foot-long by 80-foot-wide structure with 20-foot sidewalls. In addition, they attached a 64-foot-wide by 32-foot-deep structure to the west end of that structure to house an office.

  • Door placement

    Door placement is key to the success of Villwock's shop floor plan. Three main doors, all located along the south side of the shop, face out into a massive yard easily accessed from the farmstead's entrance. The first (west) overhead door is 24×18 feet. The second (center) overhead door is 20×18 feet. A third (east) overhead door provides access to a 32-foot-wide by 68-foot-long wash bay.

  • Overhead door

    On the opposite (north) side of the shop and located directly across from the center door is a fourth 20×18-foot overhead door. “We added that to allow machinery and semis to drive through the shop,” Misiniec explains. “Plus, it provides great ventilation in the summer.”

  • Clean walls

    The walls of the main repair bay are kept free of shelves or bins. All parts and fasteners are kept in a separate parts room. Workbenches, located along the north side of the repair bay, and a welding table are the only items taking up wall and floor space.

Villwock Farms earns first-place honors in the Top Shops® Contest's Best Shop Design category.

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