Top Shops: Room for it all

  • Design team

    The Miillers' shop design team posted on the shop's 2nd-floor porch.

  • Office space

    Michael and SuAnn Miller often work in a separate office in the shop's office-kitchen complex.

  • Creature comforts

    The Miillers' shop office is divided into four distinct areas which include an enclosed office, bathroom, kitchen and laundry area.

  • A definite theme

    "Certainly the John Deere theme adds a bit of spice to the entire set up," adds Randy referring to the color scheme of the Miillers' office.

  • Overlooking it all

    The second story of the Miillers' shop office complex, accessed by a spiral staircase, houses two beds, a dresser, a second bathroom and more.

  • Heavy-duty workbenches

    Two workbenches, built by Del Baumiller and Glenn Sommer, were constructed out of wood and topped off with 16 gauge steel tops.

  • Massive capacity

    This overall view of the Miiller work area illustrates the shop's capacity to accommodate the farm's largest equipment.

  • Underground tunnel

    Del Baumiller shows off a 105-foot-long underground tunnel that connects shop with Randy Miiller's home.

  • Air filtration

    The Miillers plumbed the entire shop, including the workbenches, with air using steel piping and an air filtration system.

  • Instant wash bay

    The Miillers can create a wash bay out of a section of the shop by utilizing a unique curtain structure they fashioned from a 50-foot-long tarp curtain.

  • One big shower curtain

    After the curtain has been pulled out for use, the second half of the track system can be swung around to partition off the wash area.

  • Taking time for design

    When it came time to design their shop, the Miillers spent considerable time devising the shop's layout and features.

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