First Show of the Season

  • First Show

    I recently traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska, to see what products would be introduced at the first farm show of the season. Despite the beautiful December weather, the Nebraska Power Farming Show had a great turnout and featured a variety of innovations.

  • Crossman Trailer

    This new 30-foot aluminum gooseneck flatbed Crossman Trailer weighs 5,920 pounds, making it about 1,500 pounds lighter than most steel flatbeds, with 25,000 gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). It features 19-inch tall main beams, a 5.5-inch side rail, stake pockets, and certified, high-traction aluminum. Available for $23,500.

  • Roltec Electric Hopper Conversion

    New from Agri-Cover, this electric hopper conversion uses existing trailer parts and split technology so farmers can install it without cutting the drive shaft. It operates with a command 5 remote from up to 50 feet away. The Roltec Electric Hopper Conversion is a high-clearance model, with nothing lower than the hopper. Available for single to quad hopper trailers from $1,205-$4,015.

  • Keltec Bale Slice

    Remove plastic and netting while splitting bales with the Keltec Bale Slice. The bale slice can be attached to any loader or tractor-mounted front loader and will split directly onto the feed passage or into round feeders. Two models are available for 4x5-foot and 5x6-foot bales from $6,950-$7,450.

  • Tube-Line BaleLiner

    With the BaleLiner from Tube-Line, farmers can setup, retrieve, wrap, and roll bales with only one tractor and one operator. The self-loading transporter carries six 5-foot or eight 4-foot bales. It also transports the wrapper from field to field. The BaleLiner attaches with a semi-mount hitch to the tractor and is available for $59,000.

  • Precision Manufacturing Tree Puller

    The 52500 tree puller from Precision Manufacturing is designed to remove unwanted trees. The tree puller has two sets of jaws and synchronized teeth to clamp onto trees. The spade nose and root ripper features help to remove the entire tree in about 10 seconds. Available for $3,295, the tree puller can be attached to tractors, skid steers, and telehandlers.

  • Duo Lift Fuel Hauler Trailers

    Duo Lift introduces three new fuel haulers, now DOT compliant. The fuel tanks can hold 500-990 gallons and farmers have the option of 12 volt with 25 GPM or engine-powered 40 GPM fuel pumps as well as diesel exhaust fluid tanks. Price ranges from $8,430-$11,169 for the basic unit.

  • NDY Manufacturing Stalk Stompers

    With a torsion spring design, the NDY Manufacturing Stalk Stompers increase the range of motion in a more compact design, adding about 50-60 pounds per row. The new shoes are made with abrasion resistant steel and attach with one pin. Available for most corn heads, the stalk stompers have three different height settings and 9-inch, 10-inch, or 14-inch widths. Available for $2,840 per row.

  • Hypro Cleanload

    The 3376 series Cleanload from Hypro is a self-contained eduction system, allowing farmers to use one system to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly. A 7-gallon tank features a wide 16-inch lid, holds a 51-pound bag of dry chemicals, and can be used to rinse 20-liter jugs. Available in three nozzle sizes for $990.

  • Coming Up!

    The next big show is Ag Connect from Jan. 29-31, 2013. Check back after the show to see a full report on the latest round of innovations.

Check out the innovations featured at the Nebraska Power Farming Show.

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