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Portable fluids

Randy Miiller brought the mountain to Mohammed, so to speak, when it came to lubricant storage. Rather than mount his lubricant containers on permanent racks located in the corner of his shop as is most commonly done, the Mount Vernon, South Dakotan chose to make his fluids mobile.

His three 65-gallon containers sit atop a steel frame that rides on 6-inch, heavy-duty castering wheels.

"The entire unit easily rolls right up to where we are working on a vehicle," Miiller points out.

Miiller's out-of-the-box thinking when it came to lubrication storage and retrieval not only created great convenience, but also earned him First Place honors in Successful Farming magazine's Top Shops Contest. For that honor, Miiller received a Quicklub 203 Electric Pump automated lubrication system for his combine from Lincoln Industrial (

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