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Grain-moving products

If you handle grain, you know it's important to get your harvested crop in and out of your storage facility safely. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase the most safe grain conveyors you can find.

Sukup double run conveyor

The latest introduction from Sukup Manufacturing, the Double Run Conveyor (shown above), rounds out its grain-handling lineup. This conveyor not only replaces a roof auger, transfer auger, dryer take-away auger but also includes a permanently installed transport auger.

What sets a Double Run Conveyor apart from other grain-handling products is its simplicity. Easy to install in any operation, setup time is cut in half because the conveyor will arrive at your farm with preattached tubes, chains, and paddles.

Grain flows through the bottom tube, and the chain and paddles return in the top tube. This xonveying method is efficient, easy on the grain, and generates better overall grain quality.

With different sizes to choose from, you can build a system that fits your operation. The Double Run is similar to the Chain Loop Conveyor, and the two work well together. Double Run Conveyors can be used on commercial or farm sites.

To learn more about Sukup Manu-facturing Company or its products, call 64⅛92-4222 or visit

Batco 2400 hydraulic scissor lift conveyors

If you're looking for a hydraulic scissor lift conveyor for filling bins and for piling when gentle handling are key, Batco's new 2400 Series (shown above, right) may be just what your grain-handling facility needs.


Like its predecessors, the 2400 Hydraulic Scissor Lift Conveyors are built with the same gentle-handling capability and feature a 14-inch tube with a 24-inch belt but with even more capacity.

“The increased capacity of the 2400 Series over our 2000 Series is approximately 55%,” says Brent Wall, Batco sales manager. “Our 2000 Series is rated up to 9,000 bushels per hour; whereas, the new 2400 Series is rated up to 14,000 bushels per hour.” These belt conveyors come in lengths ranging from 65 feet to 120 feet and include standard features like weather guards and Pinch S-Drive. A variety of options is also available, including a SwingAway hopper and PTO or electric drives.

Batco 2435 field loader

Another new product in the 2400 Series line is Batco's 2435 Field Loader, which offers versatility for load-out into tractor trailer units, trucks, air seeders, and hopper-bottom bins. This convenient loader features an extendable and collapsible hopper design to allow for greater ease of use and easier transport. This unit also comes complete with electric, gas, and hydraulic drive options.

Batco 2400 pitStop

The new 2400 PitStop rounds out this Series. A portable, drive-over grain-receiving pit, the PitStop allows for fast, convenient unloading of belly-dump trailers, gravity carts. and semitrailers.

This unit offers high capacity and is easy to set up to make quick work of even the biggest loads. Choose either electric drive or hydraulic drive.

For more about Batco products (a division of Ag Growth International), visit

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