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Brent Corner-Auger Grain Carts Offer Convenient Forward Unloading Visibility

By the time harvest rolls around in 2017, growers could be using grain carts that don’t require the neck craning many farmers complain about when unloading grain. The new Brent V-Series Corner-Auger grain carts from Unverferth offer exceptional unloading visibility through any tractor’s side window. 

The new, specially-designed augers fold down along the sides of the carts. On all but the two smallest V-Series carts, augers can fold within the length of the tank for transportation ease. 

Growers can get the corner-auger grain carts in one of six different capacities—750, 850, 1000, 1100, 1300, or 1500 bushels. Each cart’s auger has 7/16 inches of thick-edge flighting and double flighting in some areas to keep the grain flowing quickly. 

Unloading times vary depending on the model and auger purchased, but the fastest unloading time available will be on the V1500 and V1300 models; they have 22-inch augers and will unload 700 bushels per minute. The V700 model with an 18-inch auger will only unload at a rate of 500 bushels per minute.

Powered by a hydraulically driven gear motor, each four-way directional downspout gives growers 4 feet of in-and-out control and 5 feet of side-to-side control while augers can extend 10 feet from a cart’s side for accurate grain placement.

Between spout-mounted LED unloading lights and the ability to see the auger and downspout from the side window, unloading should go just as smoothly in the dark. Each tank has an interior LED hopper work light, too, for better visibility at night. 

Each grain cart tank has a gravity unloading door on the auger sump to make cleaning more convenient. Growers can climb a viewing ladder on the front of the tank or they can peer in the shatterproof windows on the front and back for an idea of how much grain is in the cart.

In an effort to keep maintenance to a minimum, the V-Series carts are made from durable steel and have oversize, heavy-duty power train components. 

Growers interested in these carts will have the ability to choose whether they’d like high-flotation singles, duals, Equalizer tracks, or conventional tracks to carry their carts across the fields. Some models do not have all of those options available, though. Carts will be available in red or green high-gloss.

The starting price for the smallest of the new carts, the V700, is $39,900 when equipped with 650/75R32 tires. The price difference between a cart with tires vs. a cart with tracks is a minimum of a $53,700. 

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