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Desiccate Drying Costs with Dryeration

You won’t save time dryerating grain, but the cost savings of this alternative grain-drying practice are huge. Ken Hellevang figures you cut drying fuel cost by 25% or more. Employing dryeration doesn’t necessarily mean you need additional grain storage equipment.

The North Dakota State University engineer says with dryeration, corn is removed from a high-temperature dryer at about 130°F. and a couple points of moisture above its recommended storage rate. That grain is transferred to a bin with a full aeration floor where it is allowed to steep without airflow for four to 12 hours. Steeping time is crucial. It allows the moisture in the center of the kernel to migrate out to its exterior.

After necessary steeping is completed, aeration fans in the bin are turned on, cooling the grain while removing the last 2 to 2.5 points of moisture. Cooled grain is moved to another bin for final storage.

Find a description of dryeration via publication AE-808 at

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