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Double Screen Dryer Control and Smartphone Remote Access

The need to multitask dryer monitoring, controlling, and troubleshooting inspired the addition of a second touch screen to its Pinnacle 20|20 Control System by Mathews Company. This first-of-a-kind system allows “quicker views of all dryer functions and easier access when making drying changes,” explains Joseph Shulfer of Mathews Company. 

There are no physical buttons or switches on this dryer control. “All controls are on a screen,” Shulfer adds. “We also designed the software so that all dryer controls can be accessed within just two touches of the screens. This provides quicker access to information.”

The screens were designed to be very “illustrative showing diagrams of the dryer, information regarding its performance, or quick access to component information.”

The robust diagnostics of the Pinnacle 20|20 make it easier to reset alarm faults, offer assistance on faulted components, and provide an extensive component resource library. “With the feature you can pinpoint the exact component that is having an issue or which needs attention,” Shulfer adds. “Again, all this information can be accessed within two touches of the screen.”

The control system can also be accessed by Mathews dealers so they can make a remote diagnosis and corrections if asked for by the farmer.

The other electronic advance from Mathews includes its M-C Trax Remote Monitoring, which works wirelessly with smartphones to provide monitoring and soon will be able to control key functions of the dryer remotely. M-C Trax setup does not require any network configuration or software for the dryer owner to worry about. With this feature you can monitor critical dryer data including all alarms, discharge mode, in-feed, and discharge moisture and temperature, discharge rate, average midgrain temperature and set point, plenum set points, and actual temperatures. 

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