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17-Series X-Treme Grain Carts Unload 620 Bushels per Minute

Unverferth’s new 17-series X-Treme grain carts bring enhanced unloading features to the grain cart market.

A hydraulically operated, multi-directional downspout provides greater unloading precision and allows you to reach the corners of trucks. The design allows you to rotate the downspout left and right 60° as well as in and out up to 20° for more precise grain placement.

Augur life is improved with full-length .428-inch extended-wear flighting. The upper and lower auger sections are synchronized for continuous grain flow.

X-Treme models 1317, 1117, and 1017 feature capacities of 1,300, 1,100, and 1,000 bushels, respectively. You can quickly return to the combine with unloading speeds up to 620 bushels per minute on the two larger models and 500 per minute on the 1017.

Undercarriage choices include singles, duals, tracks, and Equalizer tracks on the 1317. The 42-inch wide Equalizer track has an exclusive belt design where each track independently cambers to follow ground contours and a footprint that is over 60 square feet to reduce compaction.

Available options include the UHarvest data management system with full-featured ISOBUS or table operation for enhanced data collection capabilities or traditional scale packages.

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