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Sukup Will Notify You About Grain Stirring Issues

Ever been irritated to find a blockage has prevented your grain from being stirred? Sukup has developed a product to eliminate that frustration. 

The company’s new Stirring Machine Delay Control System keeps stirring machines moving through grain, even when a blockage occurs. Other systems are designed to shut off after an auger lags back a certain degree after hitting an obstruction, but Sukup’s new offering doesn’t delay the system more than 10 minutes without letting the operator know.

“What we’ve developed is a delay on the machine,” says Tom Jensen, service manager at Sukup Manufacturing. “When the gear motor shuts off, the auger works itself back to a completely vertical position.”

Using a microcontroller that keeps track of down augers hung up on grain, the auger keeps turning until obstructions are broken up. When the auger is vertical again, the machine is triggered to wait three minutes before continuing around the bin, to make sure the blockage is no longer an issue. If the auger isn’t vertical in 10 minutes, the operator is notified through a text message or by the sound of the horn.  

“If the machine would break a belt, blow a motor, something along those lines, the system will actually alert you with either a horn or by calling you on your cell phone to save time in the field,” Jensen says. 

Farmers can react quickly if problems arise with their Fastir Stirring Machines with the convenient notification system. Grain bin safety is also better since they no longer have to climb up to look in at the progress.

Currently, this technology is only available for Sukup's Fastir Stirring Machines. The system can be retrofitted on older Fastir units. 

Stirring Machine Delay Control Systems are available for purchase now and will cost operators anywhere from $1,100 to $1,290 to buy.

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