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GSI discontinues FlexWave Grain Bins

GSI has discontinued its FlexWave Grain Bins. The zero-entry bins featuring inflatable liners were originally touted as a way to eliminate the dirty and dangerous chore of manual grain bin cleanout.

In a 2018 interview GSI director of engineering Greg Trame explained, “FlexWave technology results in 99% cleanout and eliminates the risk of entrapment from falling grain or auger entanglement since it is a truly zero-entry bin unload method.”

In a statement, the company says, “We’re no longer offering the Z-series bins with FlexWave technology. We were excited about the product’s potential, but encountered challenges integrating the technology into larger diameter bins. Ultimately, we won’t be moving forward with a product that doesn’t meet our industry-leading standards for quality and reliability.”

What’s Next for GSI?

No Flexwave bins were installed on farms because of limited demand for smaller sized bins for grain storage applications.

Jon Peterson explains the company will continue investing in development of their GrainViz technology. Taking care of grain is key for safe handling, says Gary Woodruff, GSI district manager.

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