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GSI to Offer More Durable, Reengineered Power Sweep

Fewer moving parts means less operator downtime.

Starting in January 2017, GSI will offer a completely reengineered version of the Direct Gear Drive (DGD) Power Sweep you may be familiar with. In an effort to reduce downtime, the company streamlined the product’s design — effectively eliminating the parts that have been known to wear down over time.

“This new product is completely different than the product we previously offered,” says Jonathan Waits, GSI’s product manager of storage and accessories. “It has a much simpler design than anything else on the market.”

To avoid downtime, operators with the new Power Sweep will be able to control the intermediate and center wells individually. If the center well gets clogged, growers will have the option to open up the first intermediate well to keep grain flowing.

The permanent grain bin installation will do a better job of scraping grain from the very bottom of the bin now that a rubber wiper is attached to the back of the back shield, making the auger more rigid.


Other updates include a heavier duty gear box and longer-lasting steel roller bearings in the wells to make the process smoother. Bearings were previously made of nylon.

The new DGD Power Sweep comes in two auger sizes. The 8-inch auger can fit 15- to 48-foot bins and a 10-inch auger will work for 24- to 72-foot bins.

Pricing hasn’t yet been determined, but Waits thinks pricing will be comparable to current Power Sweep rates.

Stay Tuned

GSI will likely be offering dump pits for the very first time in 2017. They’ll be able to handle 75 to 1,000 bushels. The line will have different auger and chamber configurations.

Prices should be in line with competitor rates.

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