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Scoular grain facility in Missouri gets an upgrade

Just in time for wheat harvest, Scoular has finished an upgrade to its grain handling facility in Adrian, Missouri, with the goal of tripling grain unloading speeds and expanding storage space. 

Compared to its initial construction, this upgrade triples grain unloading speed, quadruples upright storage space to 1.2 million bushels, doubles ground storage, and quadruples track capacity to 110 cars.

This is the second major addition to the facility since it was built in 2012, and brings Scoular’s total investment in the facility to over $15 million. The upgrades are driven by increased yields and strong demand for soybeans, especially those used for renewable fuel. 

“This investment is critical to better serving farmers and strategically enhancing our network in the region,” says Ron Bingham, senior vice president and grain division manager for Scoular. “Matt [O’Hern] and his team have done an outstanding job serving our customers, and this upgrade demonstrates our commitment to providing a modern, efficient facility for them.” 

Besides wheat, this facility also handles corn and soybeans. It is part of Scoular’s Midwestern grain handling network that includes over 50 facilities in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska. 

The facility is strategically located on the Missouri and Northern Arkansas shortline railroad, and serves multiple markets including soybean processors, poultry feeders, and flour mills. Scoular’s facility provides producers access to regional, domestic, and export markets. 

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