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360 Strays from N Products with New Yield Saver

The majority of 360 Yield Center’s product lineup is geared toward nitrogen management – from decision making to application. At 360’s Proving Grounds field day, the company introduced a product that veers from this course – the 360 YIELD SAVER Gathering Belt.

360 Yield Saver

Built out of frustration
Last harvest, Gregg Sauder, the founder and president of 360, decided he was sick and tired of seeing kernels on the ground behind the combine. So he asked his son, Tim, co-owner of 360 and an engineer, to find a solution.

Tim and his team came up with the 360 YIELD SAVER. The gathering belt design, which will replace chains on corn heads, uses rubber flighting to catch and deliver kernels to the auger. The belt helps ensure that kernels that bounce don’t scatter to the ground.

“We are capturing two-thirds of the total loss you experience without YIELD SAVER,” says Austin Ehle of 360.

360 hopes to unleash the retrofit product to a limited number of farmers in 2016.

“Just two lost kernels per square foot of ground steals 1 bushel per acre,” explains Gregg Sauder. “We help farmers capture more yield potential. Now, we want to make sure they capture every kernel at harvest.”

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