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Agritechnica: Drago Unveils GT Corn Head

Among the innovations at Agritechnica this week was a product that will hit American farms next fall – the DragoGT. The new corn head is equipped with several exclusive features, including automatic self-adjusting suspension deck plates and a double stalk chopper.

There are two noteworthy features in the deck plates. A suspension system on the deck plates allows them to move up and down vertically. This helps the deck plates catch ears and absorb the impact—keeping ears from bouncing out and reducing kernel shelling.

“The deck plates allow you to catch the ear smoothly, which works particularly well in dry conditions,” says Markus Baumann, with Dragotec International. “We tested the head on 2,500 acres in Germany this year. It was a dry year and the GT worked well.”

In addition, the deck plates are also self-adjusting. Deck plates open automatically according to the size of the stalk. This system works automatically, so you don’t have to make any adjustments.

If you’re looking for a way to more finely chop residue, the DragoGT comes with a double stalk chopper called the Scissor Effect. On each row there are four blades – two work on one side and two on the other. The blades on one side are inverted so you cut the stalks like you were using a scissor. This chops corn residue into finer, shorter pieces.

There is a high demand for chopping corn heads in Germany. Baumann estimates that 80 to 90% of combine headers in Germany have chopping systems. The U.S. market for chopping heads is much smaller, but is on the rise.

Drago is unveiling the GT in different locations this week, including in Germany at Agritechnica and in Iowa. Machinery Director Dave Mowitz will be attending the Iowa event and will post more details on the GT later this week.

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