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Agritechnica: John Deere Combine Simulator Coming to a Dealer Near You

John Deere dealers have been asking for a combine simulator to help train you at pre-harvest meetings. Previous trainings have been done via PowerPoint, which proved ineffective in fully prepping you for different conditions.

The GoHarvest Premium combine simulator almost exactly replicates the experience of driving a John Deere combine. The setup includes an operator seat, joystick, the right–hand controls, and combine monitor as well as television screens that show different scenarios.

Different situations include more basic concepts like driving down the road and learning how to engage and disengage the header as well as making machine adjustments for different crops and conditions and setting the auto guidance.

“We were strategic about deciding to not make this a computer based system,” says Christian Gilles with John Deere. “We want you to use the same controls you will use in the combine.”

The system is geared toward first time operators, but is also a good refresher to all farmers to ensure harvest is as efficient in the first field as it is in the last. In addition, larger farms can rank combine operators to see who does the best job.

GoHarvest simulates corn, soybeans, and small grains harvest. John Deere is planning to have the simulator available at larger John Deere dealerships in the summer of 2016. In the future, it may be possible for larger farmers to purchase the simulator to use for training.

Photo caption: Above you can see a future farmer trying out the simulator at Agritechnica.

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