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    One of the most viewed, exhibits on display at the Ag Connect Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, was a stripped-down Case IH Axial-Flow combine. The unique exhibit provided show goers a special chance to peer inside the guts of this Case IH harvester.

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    Case IH engineers removed external covers of this AFX Axial-Flow combine so that Ag Connect show goers could view the inner operation of the harvester such as the rotor and rotor cage seen at the left of the spectator. Video monitors positioned on either side of the combine provided a detailed tour of the combine.

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    The Axial-Flow cleaning system cutaway offered show goers an opportunity to see how the cleaning system’s self-leveling design which keeps the sieves, shoe, pan and fan level in side hill conditions. The AFX cleaning system offers 10,075 square inches of cleaning area on Axial-Flow Models 8120 and 9120 and 8,370 square inches on the Model 7120.

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    One of the unique features of the MagnaCut chopper, which is one of four different options farmers can select from to handle residue, is a design that protects knife blades from foreign objects to extend their longevity. There are 126 such knives in use on MagnaCut Extra Fine Cut chopper model on the Axial-Flow 8120 and 9120.

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    Four of the six rotor modules available on Axial-Flow combines were on display including (from the left to right) small wire module for small grains, the round bar module for corn and rice, the large wire component for corn, rice and soybeans and (far right) the large skip wire for corn.

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    The drive system (bottom center of the image) on Case IH 88 Series models employs Kevlar belt technology with extra large pulleys and a unique three-speed gearbox to deliver power to the feeder house drive. The combine’s transition cone is seen at the top of the image.

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    The transition cone on the Axial-Flow display illustrates how crop coming from the feeder house is directed to flow in a spiral before entering the rotor. The large impeller ingests incoming crop coming from the feeder house accelerating it from 5 to 60 mph for primary threshing.

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    The feeder house cutaway windows (at the left) peer into the dual feederhouse drive chains on the AFX combine display.

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