Gleaner S8 Super Series

  • The Super Series

    The Super Series
    Three years after introducing the Gleaner S7 Series, AGCO unveiled the Gleaner S8 Super Series to a packed arena of more than 1,500 dealers and customers. The new series features Class 6 through Class 8 combines from 322 hp. to 430 hp., respectively.

  • Transverse Rotor Processor

    Transverse Rotor Processor
    The S8 combines have a transverse-mounted rotor and processor that are 30 by 90 inches, providing 48% more throughput area than previous models and 360 degrees of threshing and separating area. A four-section, 17-bar concave and wider-spaced helical bars deliver increased capacity and gentler threshing.

  • A Lightweight Combine

    A Lightweight Combine
    “Bigger isn’t always better.” It was a line that was repeated over and over again at the event as Gleaner product specialists highlighted the benefits of the new, lightweight series. The S8 combines are built with a unitized, welded frame that makes the machines lighter, reducing compaction and horsepower needs.

  • Natural Flow Design

    Natural Flow Design
    The heart of the Gleaner combines is the Natural Flow design. The crop doesn’t change direction as it moves to feed the rotor and begin threshing. This design progressively accelerates the material from the feeder to the chopper. Without beaters and changes in crop direction, the potential for crop damage and machine wear is reduced.

  • AGCO Power

    AGCO Power
    The S88 and S78 models are powered by new AGCO Power 9.8-liter seven-cylinder engines. These Tier 4 Final engines combine selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and external-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (cEGR) technology to meet EPA emissions mandates. With the combined systems, the engines don’t need heat-generating diesel particulate filters so they can run cooler and longer.

  • All New Gearbox

    All New Gearbox
    The S8 models feature new heavy-duty Dura-Guard two-speed-rotor gearboxes with larger sheaves and belts. Designed specifically for the series and built stout for the higher demands of the Class 8 machine, the gearbox provides a wider overlap on speeds. This new speed range gives you the ability to run on the high side of the low range for maximum efficiency in different crop conditions.

  • XR Transmission

    XR Transmission
    Also new on the S8 Series is the optional XR transmission with two-speed hydro for greater climbing ability on hills and convenient on-the-go-shifting. The two-speed shift can be done from a button on the right-hand console for improved performance on hills and better acceleration on the road.

  • SmartCooling System

    SmartCooling System
    The standard SmartCooling System feature automatically controls cooling fan blade pitch to maintain operating temperatures, depending on load and ambient temperatures. This technology conserves horsepower and fuel, plus the reversing fan keeps the rotary screen and cooling elements clean.

Gleaner’s first Class 8 transverse rotary combine.

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