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Harness harvest power

As demand increases to harvest high-yielding crops efficiently, growers look to equipment manufacturers to develop innovative harvest solutions.

John Deere is answering with the S-Series combines, an expanded lineup of wider 600 Series corn heads and new flexible draper platforms.

The S-Series combines, which are Class 9 machines, include five models: S550, S660, S670, S680, and S690. They range from 271 hp. to 543 hp.

“This Series features cleaner burning, fuel-efficient engines, while increasing overall combine capacity to provide a powerful harvesting package,” says Roger Maes, marketing manager, John Deere Harvester Works.

For added productivity, the cleaning system in this Series has been redesigned with a newly engineered cleaning shoe, which delivers 33% increased capacity.

A Premium Residue Management system provides more uniform material distribution, windrow straw for a baling application while spreading chaff, and a wind-compensation feature added to the PowerCast tailboard.

The 400-bushel grain tank (standard on the S680 and S690) is the largest factory-available tank in the industry and can unload 3.8 bushels per second.

The Active Tailings System, which is another standard on the S680 and S690, increases threshing and separating capacity by 8% to 10%.
John Deere has also completely redesigned the cab for maximum comfort and visibility. An integrated armrest display features touch screen capability and AMS precision technology functionality.
Base price for the S-Series ranges from $293,286 to $453,703.

Corn heads

Customers have expressed a desire for larger corn heads says Josh Herting, product manager, John Deere Harvester Works. The company responded by adding a 16- and 18-row corn head.
With the addition of these two heads, the Series now offers five models with various row spacings. The 616C starts at $132,291; the 618C starts at $148,976.

Flex-draper platforms

If you prefer a flexible-draper platform, Deere has introduced the 600FD HydraFlex Draper, which is available in 35- and 40-foot models.

“The HydraFlex technology, coupled with a low-profile cut height, will give you the ground-shaved results you desire in soybeans,” says Herting. “You will be able to optimize combine capacity on larger machines while cutting at faster ground speeds.”

The 635FD base price is $91,561; the 640FD base price is $97,608. 

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