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Harvest helpers

When New Holland introduced the world's first rotary combine in 1974, it revolutionized the way producers harvested their crops. Nearly 40 years later, the company continues to add to its combine lineup and to refine the headers that make these machines a powerful ally in the field.

Superflex draper head

Designed specifically to match the high capacity of New Holland's CR Series Twin Rotor and CX8000 Series Super-Conventional combines, the SuperFlex draper head plays an important role in reducing harvest losses.

“The new 880CF SuperFlex draper head provides closer cutting and better flotation so farmers can harvest every bit of their valuable crop,” says Ed Barry, New Holland cash crop marketing manager.

Available in cutting widths of 30, 35, 40, and 45 feet, the 30- and 35-foot models feature a single-span, plastic-tine pickup reel, while the 40- and 45-foot versions use a dual-span reel with plastic tines.

The 880CF head is able to follow ground contours more closely thanks to the patented, rubber spring flotation system. Flotation can be tailored to conditions or to compensate for any cutter bar unevenness by manually adjusting the rubber torsion springs on each floor support.

Crop feeds smoothly to the cutter bar through the six-bat reel, which cuts cleanly using 3-inch guards and overserrated knife sections with 10 teeth per inch.

Weight is reduced because of a shorter skid shoe design and that allows the cutter bar to cut closer to the ground for better cutter bar flexing.

Because the hydraulic center knife drive system uses a patented single gearbox mounted under the center draper to drive both knife assemblies, weight is distributed evenly, header vibration is neutralized, and a smooth cutting action is provided.

The variable-speed outer draper belts and fixed-speed twin 41.6-inch center draper belts move the crop to the floating 26-inch-diameter auger. The auger can handle heavy crop and feed it smoothly into the combine due to the 5-inch flighting. It can also be adjusted up, down, fore, or aft to match conditions. Broken auger fingers will never enter the combine due to the patented rubber retention system.

New Holland's 880CF Draper Head (above) is designed to match CR Series Twin Rotor Super-Conventional combines like the CR9080 pictured at right. It also matches the CX8000 Series.

Base price for the four models range from $78,000 to $96,500.

Combines use ecoblue technology

To meet Tier 4A emissions requirements, New Holland is equipping five CR Series Twin Rotor combines and three CX8000 Series Super-Conventional combines with ECOBlue Selective Catalytic Reduction engine technology.

“Today's farmers already have the technology at their disposal, which will form the foundation for future Tier 4B compliance,” says Franco Fusignani, New Holland Agriculture's president and chief executive officer. “This means that machine operation will remain unaltered, and it enables us to place our investment into developing the next generation of agricultural machinery.”

As an added bonus, you can choose between two forms of stone protection. If you work in extremely stony conditions, Dynamic Stone Protection (a mechanical stone protection system) is an option for the CR8090 and CR9090 combines. Performing in the same way as a stone trap in a conventional combine, any stones that enter the feeder are propelled into a sump below the beater.

The second option, the Advanced Stone Protection, is available across the entire CR lineup. This system detects and ejects stones to fully protect internal threshing elements while providing unobstructed, high-capacity feeding for best grain quality.

To learn more about these or other New Holland products, either contact your local New Holland dealer or visit the company's website at

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