• Engine

    In compliance with Tier 4i emissions standards, the LEXION 670 comes with a Cat C 9.3-liter, 360-hp. engine that is capable of a 394-hp. bulge. The emissions-friendly engine works to deliver optimal power transfer at a low fuel consumption rate.

  • Clean Sweep

    Clean Sweep
    The Clean Sweep planar dust extraction system provides maximum cooling and significantly reduces dirt accumulation on the cooling ribs. The automatic system continuously cleans the radiator in a sweeping motion to remove debris.

  • Cruise Pilot

    Cruise Pilot
    By simultaneously monitoring ground speed, crop volume in the feederhouse, engine load, and grain losses, the new Cruise Pilot option anticipates peak system loads before they occur to keep the LEXION 670 running at optimum productivity.

  • C-Motion Joystick

    C-Motion Joystick
    The optional CLASS C-Motion Joystick is designed to allow a three-finger operational style. Farmers can use their thumb to control header height, reel height, auto pilot, and feederhouse and header stops. The index finger is used to control the unloading tube, while the middle finger controls the rocker switch for manual header tilt control and cutter bar position.

  • Grain Tank

    Grain Tank
    The LEXION 670 comes with a 300-bushel grain tank and optional 4XL-unloading auger. This higher capacity tank is designed to give farmers greater productivity and versatility. Additionally, the unloading components are more efficient; a 29.2-foot auger satisfies a 3.3-bushel per second unloading rate.

  • APS Threshing System

    APS Threshing System
    The APS threshing system starts with a pre-accelerator that more thoroughly separates the harvested crop. Nearly 30% of all grain can be preseparated through the APS cylinder, reducing the load on the main concave. The enhanced threshing system applies higher centrifugal force, creating a net performance increase of nearly 20% without negatively impacting fuel consumption.

CLAAS introduces the LEXION 670 straw walker combine.

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