• Dynamic Cooling System

    Dynamic Cooling System

    The new cooling system is placed horizontally behind the engine compartment. Air is drawn in at the top, passes downward through the radiator, and is then vented through the engine compartment and side cooling fins. The air flow stops dust from rising, preventing buildup on the radiator, and effectively functioning as a permanent cleaning system.

  • 4-Link Rear Axle

    4-Link Rear Axle

    The new 4-link axle features a lateral movement that gives the axle greater flexibility with a small turning radius. The new design ensures unrestricted mobility with tires up to 30 inches and provides stability and load-bearing capacity.

  • Power Trac

    Power Trac

    A touch of a button engages the all-wheel drive Power Trac. The powerful yet fuel-efficient drive capitalizes on a second hydrostatic drive on the rear axle. Additional traction can be employed and intelligent control technology can be engaged while on the move.



    Claas Electronic Machine Optimization System (CEMOS) technology, a dialogue-based system that allows the operator to establish the correct situation settings, has become automated in the new LEXION 780 Series. CEMOS is now self-setting for the various situations a farmer may encounter.

  • Grain Auger

    Grain Auger

    The 4XL grain auger is capable of unloading up to 3.8 bushels per second. Coupled with the new auger is the Profi Cam, which is positioned to monitor the unloading process and residue management system performance.

  • Header Drive

    Header Drive

    The new straight header drive allows the combine to reduce fuel consumption without reducing power. The drive is capable of a constant output of 107 hp and a variable output of up to 268 hp. For more information, check out Claas's website.

The LEXION 780 combine debuts with new patented CLAAS technology.

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