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LEXION: Ahead of its time

Part of developing a brand
is building loyalty to a product that consumers can count on. When companies
develop or upgrade equipment, it’s no secret they oftentimes look to customers
for insight.

Claas is no exception to
that thinking. “Only one force could make the LEXION the success it is today –
our customers. Therefore, their opinions are our benchmark,” says Bob
Armstrong, Claas North America. “We listened to their needs, understood their
wants, and improved. We integrated technology and fine-tuned the existing, and
gave it a new, bold image. The result is the new LEXION.”

The 700 Series combines,
which include the 770/770 TT, 760/760 TT, 750/750 TT, 740/740 TT, 730, and the
670 Straw Walker, have six features that are ahead of their time, thanks to
customer input.

1. Deluxe Cab

More space, comfort, and
operator performance are the three cornerstones inside the cab. From air
conditioning that provides a consistent, comfortable atmosphere to a
three-position adjustable steering column and optimum leg room, this combine
offers the best in working conditions.

2. Terra Trac

The new LEXION is able to
get from field to field faster than any other track combine because of Terra
Trac (up to 25 mph on the 750 TT). The integrated intelligent track system
improves adaptation to ground contour, which lowers stress on the machine.

3. Technology

Claas sums up its electronic
expertise in one word – EASY (Efficient Agriculture Systems). Equipment
settings, steering systems, and software solutions are simple.

The CEBIS display (Claas
Electronic On-Board Information System) is tasked with total machine monitoring
and control, which is distinguished by the clear, intuitive menu structure.
Claas’s telematics system allows users to access all the important data for
their combine via the Internet anytime.

LEXION combines can be
equipped with one of three automatic steering systems: GPS steering, Laser
Pilot, or Auto Pilot.

4. Front Attachments

Because the combine must
feed as efficiently as possible, producers need a header that meets their
needs. The standard feeder house works with all crops so no time is wasted
changing over. The HP feeder house allows fast, simple adjustment of the
cutting angle to adapt to changing field conditions. Choose from corn heads,
chopping corn heads, MaxFlo draper, MaxFlex, Flex, Rice, Swathmaster, and
Rake-Up headers.

5. Threshing Technology

The APS Hybrid System
combines the Accelerator Pre-Separation threshing system and the Roto Plus
separation system. This powerful duo of technologies offers harvesting
advantages: independent threshing and separation speed adjustment, greater
adaptability to changing crops and conditions, and optimum throughput.

Up to 30% of grain is
preseparated through the APS cylinder concave, which lessens the load on the
main concave.

6. Claas Power Systems

Modern, high-performance
engines are the power behind the 700 Series. Outstanding power delivery with
low fuel consumption is assured with a selection of premium engines from
Caterpillar and Mercedes Benz.

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