New Gleaner S8 Super Series and plant tour

  • Gleaner Plant Tour

    Here’s a shot inside one of the Gleaner combine production facilities. This production process shows the large floatation tires. In addition to the lightweight design, both these factors reduce soil compaction.

  • Signature E-coat and powder-paint

    Gleaner paints all their combines in the newly built paint center. AGCO is the first agricultural equipment manufacturer to E-coat and powder-paint their entire major parts on harvesting and hay equipment products.

  • Ready for testing

    Newly built S67s are lined up for testing. Gleaner combines are tested for quality before they are sent out. This quality testing is what makes Gleaner a Gleaner combine.

  • Qualtiy testing

    Here is a S77 undergoing a testing process that tests for quality construction. In this process the combine is rocked to make sure all parts are tightly fastened and not loose.

  • New paint center

    An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is picture here in the newly built paint center. The AGVs are used to move racks of parts to and from the paint system. These vehicles are whisper quiet and can carry loads up to 6,500 lbs.

  • New engine

    Here is the new Gleaner S8 Super Series. New to the Gleaner are the AGCO Power 9.8L seven-cylinder engines, which power both the S88 and S78 models. This S88 model is rated at 430HP with a maximum boost of 471 HP.

  • Lightest combine in the industry

    The Gleaner combine has a welded mainframe with a low center of gravity and true centerline design. This provides the lightest, most balanced weight distribution combine in the world.

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