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Tips for a Smooth #Harvest15

Harvest can be one of the most rewarding times of the year since you get to see the results of your hard work over the past season.

Harvest can also be one of the most frustrating times, especially if Mother Nature has dealt a rough hand to your crops, and crop prices barely meet your expenses.

Unfortunately, 2015 may be one of those frustrating harvests for some farmers in the Corn Belt due to wet conditions that have created challenges for both corn and soybean harvest.

Down corn
2015 has been a perfect storm to bring down corn. Wetter-than-normal conditions across a vast portion of the Corn Belt have led to an increase in stalk rot and diseases. Also, heavy rains, wind, and hail have knocked down healthy corn plants. If down corn is an issue in some of your fields, be sure to read 9 Tips for Dealing with Down Corn to ensure you are harvesting as many bushels as possible.

Not sure how bad the damage is in your fields? Check out Stalk Rots Prevalent for Harvest for scouting tips.

Don’t forget tech adjustments!
Garbage in equals garbage out, goes the old adage. That statement conveys the importance of ensuring that your yield monitor is calibrated properly and collecting accurate data. “If I’m going to use the data from my John Deere 2630 monitor to make important decisions, I have to take the time to keep it calibrated,” says Jim Braddock, an Ohio farmer. “If it’s not calibrated within 2% to 3%, as far as I’m concerned, the data is worthless.”

In Last-Minute Tech Maneuvers for Harvest and Four Common Questions about Yield Monitors, you’ll get some good reminders and tips for collecting data this harvest.


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