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Krone Offering Smaller BiG X Forage Harvester Models

Krone is entering a whole new market with new, smaller BiG X forage harvesters in four models — the 480, 530, 580, and 630. 

“We’re now entering into the smaller phase of the forage harvester,”  says Brent Raines, product manager for Krone North America. “This is a completely new machine from front to back.”

The four models range from 490 to 626 hp., have six-cylinder in-line MTU engines, and still have the six precompression rolls Krone’s BiG X machines are known for. However, corn and hay heads are different as well at attachment systems, which is only the start of the new features. 

The cutterheads on the harvesters use the 11° cutting angle like the high intensity models, but these models have a new drum and knives that are mounted in a chevron pattern. Depending on the Universal MaxFlow cutterhead model, there will be 20, 28, or 36 knives. With a Biogas cutterhead, 40 knives will be working at once. Krone’s RockProtect comes standard on these models. 

“The cutting drum itself is protected by wearable replacement parts to improve capacity and blowing quality,” Raines says.

Krone’s VariStream system helps crop flow by providing the spring-loaded cutting drum. Raines says that technology makes a big difference when doing hay work in terms of movement and flex. The company’s VariQuick and StreamControl systems are also standard on these models.

If we’re talking about comfort, it’s important to note the many new and updated features in the compact BiG X cabs. The wide space has high side windows with narrow posts to give operators a clear view of what’s happening outside. The double floor insulates the cab a bit to keep noise to a minimum. 

“Ergonomics was a big thing when we redesigned the machine,” Raines says. “The cab is all new — the electronics are more intuitive, more user-friendly, and more logical.”

In terms of technology, the cab’s screen is now in color and larger in size. Growers can get all their data on that one screen and can easily use the technology with new touchscreen capabilities. Many options are available through Krone’s ICAN program, but a couple to note are yield monitoring and NIR sensors. 

“One of the biggest things that people will notice when they get into this machine and operate it for the first time is how tight it turns,” says Raines. “There’s no rear axle on this machine.”

The compact BiG X forage harvesters have two A-frames instead of a rear axle, which allows for independent wheel floatation and a 50° turning angle. Growers can take an eight-row head down the row and turn right around without having to back up. 

Krone North America compact BiG X forage harvesters are available now and can be purchased with optional four-wheel drive.

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