#Harvest15 Photos: A Farmer’s Best Friend

  • Farmer's best friend

    Dogs are a man’s best friend, goes the old adage. But we’d have to argue that dogs are really a farmer’s best friend. A patient pal who is excited to see you at the end of a long day no matter how late you work. A chipper companion no matter how many hours you’ve spent in the combine together. In honor of all the farm dogs out there, we’ve compiled eight pictures of dogs helping with harvest. Photo credit: Instagram.com/Tybearius_geezer.

  • Rocky

    This is Megan Young’s adorable puppy named Rocky. As the official dog of the farm, he helps with many chores. Here he’s assisting with cover crop seeding. Photo credit: Instagram.com/Ashr325.

  • Quality time

    Harvest is a busy time of the year; so busy you may not see your significant other or your beloved dog very often. “After figuring out that we never talked yesterday, a family trip to the grain elevator was much needed before jumping in separate tractors for the evening,” says Amanda Christy (Instagram.com/Amanda.christy13).

  • Alex and River

    What’s cuter than a dog in a tractor? A cute kid and a dog in a tractor, of course! This cute little man is Lexy Walter’s two-year old cousin Alex and his faithful companion is River, a red heeler. Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Lexywalter.

  • One on the way

    There’s only a dog in this cab this year. But that’s about to change. “You’re telling me this is the last harvest I get to sit in this seat, Boss? This little Baby Tigger you speak of is going to steal my seat? Oh bother!” says McGruff the dog. McGruff belongs to Michelle Jones (Instagram.com/bigskyfarmer) who is in her third trimester.

  • Pepper and Rodney

    Pepper loves combine rides, but he’s awfully glad harvest is over so he can spend more time roaming the Yuskis farm. This is a picture of Pepper with his owner Rodney. Photo credit: Courtney Yuskis.

  • Hard to help with no thumbs

    Tyler Mudd’s dog really wants to help with morning chores, but it’s hard to get the gate open when you don’t have thumbs! Photo credit: Instagram.com/Tmuddly.

8 photos that prove every farmer needs a dog.

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