#Harvest15’s Little Helpers

  • Harvest time

    Harvest is a special time of the year. It’s when you get to see the results of your hard work over the past season. Harvest becomes even more special when you can share it with your children. It’s a great opportunity to teach them the meaning of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Click through this slideshow to see more farm kid photos from this year’s harvest.
    This photo was taken by Tuetken Farms of their three boys waiting on a combine ride.

  • Tuetken Farms

    Here’s another photo from Tuetken Farms (Instagram.com/tuek32). “It never gets old having riders!” says Dad. Tuetken farms is located in Illinois.

  • Grain cart selfies

    Grain cart selfies are the new hip thing – at least on farms! This one was taken by Sierra (Instagram.com/sierrasheawrite) on her farm in South Dakota. “Soybean harvest is moving right along,” she says. “Long days in the field mean the only time little farm kids see their dads is during these crazy, close-quartered rides.”

  • Tractor-side snuggles

    “Things are still plenty busy at the farm, but there’s always time for some tractor-side snuggles,” posted Wuillermin Farms (Instagram.com/wuillermin_farms).

  • Handy kids

    Your kids aren’t just there to learn – they also have to help out. “That moment when you run a tile inlet onto the snout of the corn head and you send your kid out to kick it off,” shares Erin (Instagram.com/sowmomma). “I knew these children would come in handy at some point!”

  • Time for a tractor ride

    Where’d Dad go? It’s time for a tractor ride! Photo credit: Caitey MacLeod from Canada (Instagram.com/cfemac).

  • Red-on-red

    When you’re a redhead, are you allowed to drive a green combine? Holly (Instagram.com/Illiniholly) doesn’t think so. She snapped this selfie with her adorable daughter Hadley on their farm in Easton, Illinois.

  • Riding with Dad

    Look closely and you can see two kiddos watching Dad unload soybeans. Photo taken by Nikki Kack-Petersen (Instagram.com/npetersen25).

  • More work

    When harvest is over, there is still work to do. Here’s Steven Johnston’s 13-month old son checking the stalks. Photo credit: Instagram.com/Stevenj6030.

Farm kids see the results from a year’s worth of work from the cab of the grain cart or combine.

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